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Residential and Vacation Rental Design

Interiors Reimagined. Crafting a Story that’s Distinctly You. 

Whether home away from home, forever home, or home sweet home… 

No matter how long you’ve been, or how long you plan to stay, home is a little slice of paradise. A safe haven and sanctuary at the end of a fun and busy day. A cozy nook to rejuvenate and refresh. Home is your happy place! 

At ReIMAGINATION Design, we creatively design a home that’s a true reflection of you. We take an innovative approach as we seamlessly marry style, comfort, and functionality to uplift spaces and infuse them with unique character. 

Memorable, fresh, captivating spaces that tell a story. 

We design in a way that brings unique stories to life. From the best vacation you’ve ever had, to the vacations still to come, we design spaces that reflect everything you love about life! 

A Place Where Stories Unfold... 

Within the walls of home, new stories are being told everyday. With each memory made, ripple of laughter shared, and moment lived, home becomes the stage for stories old and new. It’s the foundation for stories you can’t even begin to imagine yet! At ReIMAGINATION Design, we believe that a home should reflect who you are and all you’re going to become. A home should welcome your guests and provide them with a sense of meaning and belonging, no matter how long they’re in town.

Timeless, Transitional Residential and Vacation Interior Design 

We know you and your stories don’t fit inside neat, little boxes! Which is why nothing we design does either! We creatively bring in pops of personality with timeless, transitional interior design. Flexible, adaptable design that stands the test of time with nuance, character, coziness, and depth. 

For memorable, remarkable spaces that tell a timeless tale.

What Sets Us Apart: 

  • We infuse storytelling into everything we do for functional, comfortable spaces, infused with meaningful beauty!
  • We bring high-energy and fun to the design journey
  • We’re committed to excellent communication and personable service
  • We have a deep understanding of the Vacation Rental Design industry and work for your maximum ROI, rave reviews, increased occupancy and per night rates 
  • Your trusted collaborators in design, our process is thorough and expertly guides you every step of the way!

About Us... 

CEO and Principal Designer of ReIMAGINATION Design, Lucille Cavan, loves hearing your stories and bringing them to life! Lucille is a one-of-a-kind high energy interior designer who knows how to mix together sass and style for stunning results. 

Lucille creatively blends imagination, artistic expression, and functionality as she designs timeless spaces that tell a unique story for you and your guests. 

Innovative designs that inspire, captivate, and welcome you in with warmth. 

Lucille provides Residential Interior Design, Vacation Rental Design, e-Design, to clients in Rehoboth Beach, Colorado front range, and beyond! 

What others have to say...

Lucille is incredibly creative, has amazing design instincts and quickly picks up on the nuances of her customers taste, likes and dislikes.

Leslie S.

Lucille’s design style and taste are excellent, and she is adept at quickly sizing up your own style and preferences.

Pam B.

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